Welcome to Day 4: Healthy for the Holidays!

Your Day 4 workout is a focused cardio and body-weight strength interval session that doesn’t require any equipment and can easily be done in a small space at home or in a hotel.

In our workout video below, we’ll alternate cardio intervals with body-weight strength moves for a two-in-one workout! I’ll show you options throughout the routine so you can make the moves work for you and adjust to your current fitness level as you see fit.

Prefer to do your own routine? Schedule 15-20 minutes of your favorite interval-style workout, and check in with us in the comments below or on social media once you are done.

Drinking enough water is not only good for weight loss, but it also helps you fight the extra travel and cold and flu bugs that this season typically brings. Need help making it happen? Check out these 20 great life hacks for drinking more water.

Let me help you fit in fitness 10 minutes at a time with my brand new “Walk On: 10 Minute Quick Walk Mix!” This at-home exercise program features cardio, strength and flexibility routines that work with even the busiest of schedules.

Day 4: Interval Strength + Cardio Workout

This workout can be logged as “AEROBICS, HIGH IMPACT” in your MyFitnessPal app.




  1. Patti Haraldsen

    Day 4 done!

  2. sandra dingman

    days 3 and 4 done together. Wow. The interval training was true to its word, short but sweaty.

  3. marstar99

    Day 4 done!! Now time to get ready for my holiday party 🙂

  4. Kylee

    Hi Jamie, I watch the videos using youtube no ads. Hope it helps. 🙂 .

  5. Jamie M.

    I’m trying to do the workout but it keeps getting interrupted by some Macy’s ad. Happened three times in the first two minutes. Is anyone else having this issue or know what may be causing it so I can fix it?

  6. Shak75

    Oh yeah, I sweated through this one!

  7. Goffersn

    Day 4 completed! Great cardio and strength workout loved it!

  8. Kylee

    Another great workout. Enjoyed getting a bit sweaty. Thanks for being an awesome instructor Jessica.

  9. Sarah E

    Doing something is so much better than doing nothing. 3 of JSTV workouts in 2 days!!! ❤️ these workouts! Just make me feel good about myself!

  10. Tammy

    Day 4 completed. This was the hardest one yet.

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